Boss (15/16)
Boss (15/16)

Bataleon Boss (15/16)

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Bataleon Boss (15/16)

Built on the foundation of the ever-popular Evil Twin, we laced up The Boss with crossed carbon fiber slabs under the bindings to boost ollies, steady landings, and add torsional stability. The carbon additives offer the benefits of a stiffer flex, without sacrificing the comforts of that medium tip-to-tail flex and feel of our Core Core and tri-axial fiberglass layup. The Boss is shaped with a tweak on our Park 3BT that has a smidge less flat centerbase for more response and more aggressive turns. Basically, it's built for boss riding.


 Dual density full wood core composed of poplar with beech running tip to tail along the insert packs. The added beech hardwood strengthens the board’s backbone under the bindings and produces more pop from tip to tail while still offering a comfortable lateral flex.

Our full-length wood V-Core Profile has material milled out between the inserts to create a highly maneuverable and natural flexing feel between the feet. Under the bindings and towards the tips is normal thickness for strength to load up pop and put down landings.


Hard and fast. Our sintered base material is tough stuff and its microscopic pores retain wax nuggets for a slick slide. To get the maximum benefits of a sintered base it needs to be waxed regularly. We finish ours with a proper hot wax before they leave the factory.


Our tri-axial or three-way fiberglass is a weave of fibers in three directions: 45, 0 and -45 degrees. It’s like our bi-ax layup, but with added fibers running tip to tail. This stiffens up the board and adds more snap, while also offering better edge control and grip. The added strands of glasses make boards more aggressive and more responsive overall.

Carbon adds explosive snap, precise control, smooth dampening and it’s feather light. We use it to enhance the ride of our high-end boards. By placing Carbon stringers in key areas of the board we are able to increase the connection between the rails of your board making it feel more responisive