Vans W Aura '16 (Black/Snake)

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Vans W Aura (Black/Snake)

The Vans Aura snowboard boot represents Vans? long-standing commitment to the Boa lacing system and offers the best-in-class zonal closure system. Vans has relied on the laser-sharp focus of Boa closures longer than anyone out there and brings extensive experience with the technology to the table. As a company that has churned out footwear since 1966, Vans also knows a thing or two about the importance of lasts. Giving the anatomically different female foot its own construction basis is therefore a no-brainer when it comes to snowboard boots. Add to that the two different lacing zones and Boa-related features on the Aura, and the result is a snowboard boot classic with heritage Vans styling that has lasted longer than most and will continue to define what a classic Boa boot is supposed to look and feel like. 

BOA® CUSTOM FOCUS Featured on the men’s and women’s Aura boots, two reels control three zones of closure, linked by our patent pending Custom Slide Guide providing concentrated closure at the instep for superior heel hold.

CUSTOM SLIDE GUIDE (PATENT PENDING) Customizing the fit of your boots has never been easier or more convenient. The Custom Slide Guide’s anatomical shape provides adjustable fit anywhere along the instep area for added comfort and unmatched heel hold. Featured on the Infuse, Implant and Men’s and Women’s Aura boots. 

TRIFIT-X LINER For the rider who likes a little flex in their liner but can do without break-in delay. The Trifit-X liner needs nothing added to Vans’ instantly perfect fit that rides on half a century of footwear development and construction experience. 

V-CORK FOOTBED It takes a footwear company to know a foundation. The V-Cork footbed is a built-in, integral part of the boot and uses cork as the secret weapon that makes all the difference in dampening abilities and arch support.

CLASSIC LITE OUTSOLE The Classic Lite outsole brings Vans grip to the snowboard boot where you need it, cuts weight, and ensures comfort and uncompromising cushioning.