M V-66 (Russet/Antique)

Vans M V-66 (Russet/Antique)

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Vans M V-66 (Russet/Antique)

Vans If you’re like Jamie Lynn, you recognize a classic snowboard boot when you see it. The Vans V-66 is straight-shooter of a lace boot for every rider and every terrain. Iconic in style and with a traditional lace-up construction, the V-66 is packed with features carefully crafted into a ride-all boot with freestyle inclinations. It renders the old sticking point of lifting heels in snowboard boots null and void, while premium materials on selected colorways up the ante on a good looking boot that will serve riders who seek out not every possible but every snowboard boot technology that matters. 

TONGUE LOCKDOWN The Tongue Lock Down system aids in pulling the tongue down as you tighten up your boots, helping to eliminate heel lift. Featured on the V-66 and Sequal boots. 

THE REACH AROUND Much more than just a standard cuff strap the Reach Around is attached to the inside shell of the boot and provides the versatility to wrap around either the internal liner or the exterior tongue allowing a rider to easily customize the fit and response of their boot.

QUADFIT-X LINER For the rider who needs almost all the bells and whistles and likes to spend a little less time on adjustments, too. The Quadfit-X liner offers a dialed-in fit from the get-go for any terrain and condition, and is built with the knowledge of half a century of footwear construction.

V-CORK FOOTBED It takes a footwear company to know a foundation. The V-Cork footbed is a built-in, integral part of the boot and uses cork as the secret weapon that makes all the difference in dampening abilities and arch support.

WAFFLE FLEX OUTSOLE The WaffleFlex cherry-picks from features used on the Reverse Waffle and the Classic Lite outsoles. The result is unprecedented calibration between dampening and energy return.