M Sequal (Black/Marble)

Vans M Sequal (Black/Marble)

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Vans M Sequal (Black/Marble) *LAST PAIR - FINALSALE*

The Vans Sequal is the boot for a lace purist with the highest expectations when it comes to technology and support. A construction closely tied to the theme of customization that dictates the functionality of every boot in the Vans snowboard boot line, the Sequal uses a stiffer support profile as a first building block to dial in the right fit for any snowboarder out there. Backcountry aficionados pick it as often as park riders thanks to its performance-driven features that allow for precise customization in any environment.

VANS FLEX CONTROL SYSTEM Removable high rebound Hytrel® tongue stiffeners allow riders to custom-tune their boot flex. Slide them both in for maximum support, use just one to provide either increased lateral or medial response, or leave them out for a softer-flexing boot. Over the course of a season as your boots soften up, you can add the tongue stiffeners back in, extending the life of your boots. The Vans Flex Control System is featured in the men’s Infuse & Sequal. 

THE REACH AROUND Much more than just a standard cuff strap the Reach Around is attached to the inside shell of the boot and provides the versatility to wrap around either the internal liner or the exterior tongue allowing a rider to easily customize the fit and response of their boot. 

CUSTOM-X LINER For the rider who needs all the bells and whistles stacked onto Vans’ out-of-the-box fit construction creed, which builds on half a century of footwear experience. Mold it, customize it to the tee with a movable X-Cage, or just slip into the instantly perfect foot pillow that is the Custom-X liner 

V-CORK FOOTBED It takes a footwear company to know a foundation. The V-Cork footbed is a built-in, integral part of the boot and uses cork as the secret weapon that makes all the difference in dampening abilities and arch support. 

V-HEX OUTSOLE The V-Hex outsole takes a note from the WaffleFlex outsole and dips into the grab bag that is half a century worth of footwear construction experience. A little more heel dampening, a little more arch support, and all the support and weight reduction snowboarders dream of at night.